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2016 Betty Price Award Winners Announced

Dec 29, 2018 | 0 comments

The City of Wilmore is pleased to announce the 2016 Betty Price Community Award Winners.  Like Betty (pictured above), this year’s award winners have made invaluable contributions to our community.  Please join us in congratulating the following award winners and thanking them for making Wilmore such a wonderful place to live!

White Casting –
After 30+ years on East Main Street, White Casting closed their
business in October, 2016. The City of Wilmore expresses fond appreciation and bids
farewell to Mrs. Carolyn who has been a faithful merchant, along with her late
husband Charles. Together they provided years of service in quality jewelry,
custom design work, engraving and so much more. Our best to you Carolyn!

Ken Rickard –
Ken has been dramatically improving the Railside Caboose Museum and
grounds around it for the citizens of Wilmore. He has been instrumental in a
revamped exterior and interior, and new displays and information inside the
museum. He even developed a children’s coloring book about Wilmore/High
Bridge information and train safety!

Ken faithfully opens the Caboose every Saturday morning from May through
December (or as long as the temp stays above 50). The result of that is that in
2015, total visitors to the Caboose Museum was 1432. Beyond the Saturday
morning hours, he has spent an untold amount of time assembling and
verifying information used for displays and upgrading the museum electricity
and lighting.

Diane Massingill –
Mrs. Diane has been the amazing chef at Wilmore Day Care for almost 40
years. She has served and blessed so many children and families in Wilmore.
She has done so with delicious foods and smiles and kind words to all the
kids. She has also participated faithfully in our festival baking contests.

Wilmore has truly been blessed to have Mrs. Diane as a “family friend” and to
help give a good start each day to so many kids over the years!