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City Asks for Letters of Support and/or Pledges

Jul 6, 2017 | 0 comments

The City of Wilmore is in the process of applying for grants and loans to construct $3.7 million dollars worth of improvements at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.  Aging tanks and infrastructure, as well as ever stricter federal regulations related to contaminant removal from the wastewater, demand that the city make plans to replace old tanks and add new structures and treatment processes at the plant.

The city is aggressively pursuing a $1,000,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to be applied to our $3,700,000 project.  In addition, the city will apply for another $750,000 grant through Rural Development.

If the city is successful in procuring these two grants,  47% of this critical and necessary project could be paid for with state and federal funds.  That is $1,750,000 that the city will not have to borrow.  The net effect is that Wilmore’s sewer customers’ rates will be raised only 25-30% and not 40-45% when the project is completed.

There are $6.7 million dollars that have been apportioned to the CDBG program for Public Facilities in Kentucky this year, and 12-15 cities will submit applications for that money.  It is a very competitive process.  And Wilmore aims to compete!

A huge part of this process to maximize our chance of “winning” these funds is to show tremendous public support for the project.  We are actively asking our citizens to augment our CDBG application by writing letters of support and making financial contributions to the project.  We have been told that monetary commitments show beyond any doubt that our community has “skin in the game”.  And all of Wilmore benefits if we secure this $1,000,000 grant!

If this is an effort you want to support, then please  click here  for pledge documents.  For additional information, please contact Wilmore City Hall at 858-4411.

And on behalf of the entire leadership of the City of Wilmore…THANK YOU!!!