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Jan 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Gone are the days of SNAIL MAIL!   We want to communicate critical information to you in the easiest, most efficient way possible including TEXT, PHONE, EMAIL or any combination of the three. You pick where, you pick how and we’ll notify you!

Recent events in cities throughout the country have left law enforcement and local officials scrutinizing their emergency response plans.  Part of any response includes communicating critical information to the residents of Wilmore.  The city council also recognizes the need to share time sensitive information about many non-emergency situations.  Road closures due to construction, downed trees, broken water lines, power outages, festival cancellations, suspicious activities are just a few of the situations of which you will want to be informed.

To improve our ability to communicate with you, we have made a special arrangement with Reach Alert to provide a city-wide notification service. We encourage every family to register for this service.  Registration is simple and takes about one minute to complete. You decide how you want to receive alerts: text message, voice advisories, and/or email.

Click here for registration instructions.