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Sep 8, 2018 | 0 comments

Wilmore’s oldest park is Sims Ball Park which for over 70 years has been the site of thousands of grueling and some not so grueling softball encounters!  Although the ball field itself has been beautifully maintained by the City of Wilmore over the years, it became obvious to many in the community that some renovations were needed.  A grass roots effort led by a local citizen’s committee received a nod of approval from the Wilmore City Council to work with the City’s Parks & Recreation Department to bring needed upgrades to the ball field and to return a playground to the park.

Thus far, the ball field has received a new digital score board, a fresh coat of paint on the storage unit, new fencing, continued field improvements, with more to come.

In preparation for installing a new playground, the Redevelopment Committee launched a fundraising effort which thus far has netted $22,000.  Phase one of the two-to-three-year project will take place this fall with installation of two or three basic playground pieces.

Be a part of this exciting project!  Future opportunities for participation would include contributions (any amount would be appreciated), help with fund raising, volunteering to help install equipment and improve the playground.

For  more photos, visit Wilmore’s Sims Ballpark & Playgrounds on Facebook.