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Six council members govern Wilmore. The mayor serves a four-year term, and council members serve a two-year term. The mayor and city council deal with a wide variety of community issues and constituent concerns.

Need to address
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If you have a matter you wish to address to the city council, please email, Donna Back, City Clerk (, or call 859-858-4411 to be placed on the agenda of an upcoming city council meeting.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the city council chambers of City Hall in the Municipal Center. All official city council meetings are scheduled in advance and are open to the public. The mayor and city council enact codes, rules, and regulations for the general public’s health, safety and welfare.

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Meet the Mayor and City Council

Harold Rainwater


Harold grew up in Wilmore and graduated from Asbury College and Eastern KY University. He has served as Mayor of Wilmore since 1976 and has served on boards of various organizations of service and ministry. Harold directs and manages the Equine Program and has also been a full-time faculty member at Asbury University since 1974. He and his wife Shari have been married for over 50 years and have two children and six grandchildren.

Andy Bathje


Andy has a background in higher education, counseling, non-profit leadership, and outdoor ministry. Currently a Realtor with The Agency, he formerly directed AdventureServe Ministries and worked in Student Development at Asbury University. He resides in Wilmore with his wife and two daughters and maintains his passion for getting people outside, supporting Wilmore businesses, and caring for the marginalized.

Jim Brumfield


Jim, a lifelong resident of Wilmore, has served on the city council since 1990. He deep love for Wilmore has endured through many generations of his family. His goal has always been to bring fair, reasoned decision-making to the council. He works as Controller at Asbury Seminary.

Kim Deyer


Kim Deyer has been a dedicated member of the Wilmore City Council since 2000. She brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and recreational activities. With a background in editing and community involvement, Kim contributes to local events and supports essential services. She's not only an artist, with her work gracing the town, but also a Visual Lead at Williams Sonoma. In her free time, Kim enjoys quality moments with her family.

Leonard Fitch


Leonard Fitch has lived in Wilmore for over 60 years and has served on Wilmore City Council for over 50 years. He and his wife Emily are the parents of four children and several grandchildren. A graduate of Asbury University, Leonard owns Fitch's IGA and has been in the grocery business for over 65 years. In total, his family has been in the grocery business since 1836. He enjoys serving the community and hopes to continue serving the people of Wilmore for years to come.

David Riel


David Riel is humbled and honored to serve the residents of Wilmore. Communication being one of his passions, he put his skills to work as the editor for the monthly WIlmore Newsletter. He uses his experiences as a public school administrator to help him collaborate with others to make Wilmore an even better place to work, play and live!

Wes Metcalfe


Humbled by the opportunity to serve, Wes is thankful for your support. Born and raised on the Jessamine-Fayette County line, in a small business family doing construction (later turning into Spraymasters Inc.), he met his wife at Asbury University in the equine management program and went on to form Metcalfe Equine LLC. As a double small business owner, he strives for common sense solutions and advocates for our local economy. Prior to city council, he separately served on both of the planning and zoning related boards.

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