City Departments

General Administration

Lori Vahle

Finance Director


The finance director performs and supervises work related to the receipt, deposit, custody, investment and disbursement of city funds. After compiling budget requests and reports, payroll and related reporting, balancing ledgers, reconciling invoices, and working with external auditors, among other financial and human-resources-related tasks, the director reports to the mayor and council.

Donna Back

City Clerk


The city clerk maintains and safeguards the city’s permanent records, as well as preparing agendas and taking minutes at all mayoral and city council meetings. In addition, the city clerk is responsible for posting ordinances and public notices, issuing business licenses and associated tax collections, as well as property tax billing and collection. Public and private individuals and organizations interface with the city clerk in regards to purchase orders and  invoice payments and to gather routine information or issue complaints. Our city clerk serves personnel, residents, business owners, and others professionally and efficiently.

Ashley Humphrey

Utilities Clerk


The utilities clerk administers utilities billing, collection, and monthly reporting. Working in tandem with the city clerk, the utilities clerk also prepares work orders and communicates with various city personnel to serve residents, business owners, institutions, service providers and visitors.

Vince Lewellen

Director of Facilities & Cemetery


The director of Wilmore’s facilities and cemetery oversees all city facilities, including the Wilmore Municipal Center, along with operating the city-owned cemetery.

Community Development

Judy Woolums

Executive Director


The Wilmore Community Development Board is comprised of volunteers representing various institutions and interests of the Wilmore community. This division of the city government has a paid director who reports to the mayor and city council. The board strives to promote, preserve, restore and revitalize the city.

Parks and Recreation

Amy Fitch



Wilmore Parks & Recreation serves the Wilmore community with recreation programs and special events for all ages. This department also maintains and plans park spaces for everyone to enjoy.


Jimmy Powers

Fire Chief


The Wilmore Fire Department’s mission statement outlines the four methods in which the WFD serves our town: preparation, response, mitigation, and restoration. As a department, we strive to not only prepare for, respond to, and fix our citizens’ problems, but also to restore their sense of safety following conclusion of any incident. We love our community, as well as its residents and visitors and are ready to serve them at any time or place.

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Nelson Shrout

Chief of Police


The Wilmore Police Department’s mission is to provide a professional law enforcement service to our city’s residents. Officers are available to respond 24 hours a day via 911 central dispatch. Our 11 officers pride themselves in serving with integrity and honor.

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Utilities and Public Works

Dave Carlstedt

Utilities & Public Works Director


Wilmore’s Utilities Department operates and maintains the water treatment plant and distribution system for all of Wilmore, High Bridge and some county customers east of Wilmore. We also operate and maintain
Wilmore’s wastewater treatment plant and sewage collection system.

The Public Works Department is responsible for streets, landscaping, and the maintenance of all public parks and properties.

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Fax: 859-858-3595


City Hall 210 S. Lexington Ave.

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